September 16th, 2008

Sorry it’s been so slow here lately.  I can tell you this, there is a direct correlation between the time I stopped posting everyday and when classes started up… and it doesn’t seem to be getting better!  For the next ten weeks, I’ve got a minimum of two test/assignments/midterms due every single week, I’m working two full days a week and schooling full-time.  Not to mention the job application process I have to go through to find a co-op position for January!  Sheesh.  I’m already pooped.

So the bottom line is, I likely won’t be posting every day.  I’m going to get some posts out still, but if I want to write pukka posts, I’ll need to take a couple of days to write them rather than getting them out once a day. I have to chose between writing about WoW in my very limited spare time or actually playing the game, and the choice is pretty simple.  And obviously school takes priority over all of that.

But don’t worry, I’m back to the real world come January, and I’m sure with Wrath being out and the Las Vegas trip approaching, I’m sure I’ll have plenty to get me back into daily posts in December-January, once classes are done.

Keep an eye on the site, I’ll do what I can to keep it running smoothly. :D

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One comment to “*yaaawn*”

  1. School sucks, but worth it in the long run!