A Hunter in Karazhan: What’s in it for me?

September 5th, 2008

As a follow up to my guide about gearing for Karazhan… this is a guide to how you can replace almost all of those items.  This is the gear that you were gearing up to get.

I’m only going to cover mail armour here, but don’t be afraid to take a good look at the leather pieces available.  Of course, they should go to a leather wearing class first, but if it’s an upgrade, having a few leather pieces doesn’t really hurt on a hunter!

Attumen The Huntsman

  • [Steelhawk Crossbow] – It’s time to replace your Valanos’ Longbow… this is a great BM weapon, and will hold you over well until you can get your hands on the Chocobow.
  • [Worgen Claw Necklace] – This neck piece is great, and has a nice +hit bonus if you’re still not capped.  I had this until I got the rep up for the SSO necklace.
  • [Stalker's War Bands]


  • Nothing to see here – move along, move along!

Maiden of Virtue

Opera Event

  • [Beastmaw Pauldrons] – The best shoulders for this point in the game, pick them up if get the chance!
  • [Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle] (BIg Bad Wolf) – This can be considered a side-grade to the Steelhawk Crossbow, it’s a little bit faster and has a nice agility bonus, but you’ll lose the hit rating.  Great for Survival hunters.
  • [Legacy] (Wizard of Oz) – Every hunter’s best friend and worst enemy.  It’s got a horrible drop rate, but if you get it, you’re likely to not get rid of it until Wrath hits. :)   No hit bonus, so if you’re using a weapon for it’s hit rating, you’ll have to try to make it up elsewhere.. but it’s worth it.
  • [Romulo's Poison Vial] (Romulo and Julianne) – Really nice trinket, especially for the hit rating bonus.  But it might be more useful for a rogue or other dual wielding class.  Still, if you get the chance – pick one of them up!


Shade of Aran

Terestian Illhoof

  • [Girdle of the Prowler] – Pretty good, good to pick up even if you have the Ebon Netherscale set, for when you have enough hit to break the set bonus.

Chess Event

  • [Fiend Slayer Boots] – These are great, you’ll probably hold on to them til Solarian or her trash drops boots for you.


  • [Rip-Flayer Leggings] – Finally, you can replace those green/blue pants I’m sure you’re sick of looking at!  Very nice pants, although not as nice as the T4 leggings from Gruul’s Lair.  Hopefully you won’t make the peccadillo of gemming and enchanting them all up and then replacing them with the T4 leggings within 24 hours like I did when they finally dropped :P


  • [Ferocious Swift-kickers] – Another pair of boots worth picking up in Karazhan, although depending on whether you need hit or would rather get some mp5 and int, these may or may not be the boots you want.
  • [Scaled Breastplate of Carnage] – The only real hunter chest piece in all of Karazhan.

Prince Malchezaar

  • [Helm of the Fallen Hero] – T4 helm.  It’s good, but I recently replaced mine with the PvP helm, which you might want to look into.  The T4 set bonuses suck, so don’t worry about trying to get them.
  • [Ring of a Thousand Marks] – The second really nice ring in Karazhan.  It’s really nice.
  • [Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix] – Third ranged weapon drop in Karazhan!  That’s a lot.  This weapon is slower, but has a really nice agility bonus.  Again, good for Survival or Marksmanship, not so much for Beast Mastery, but you can still pick it up, it has better damage than the Steelhawk Crossbow anyway!

Trash Drops

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One comment to “A Hunter in Karazhan: What’s in it for me?”

  1. Nice list, going to link to it on my guild’s Hunter section. :)