Why I Love Ottawa

September 4th, 2008

Okay, this post isn’t exactly about WoW.  But I went for a really nice bike ride yesterday, and I just wanted to share a couple pictures I took.  Keep in mind – I don’t live on the outskirts of Ottawa, I live pretty close to the middle.  One neat feature is the Central Experimental farm.  It’s about 4 square kilometers of farm land in the middle of the city.  I am lucky enough to live just up the street from it, so in the month or so that we aren’t all couped up in our igloos, I get to bike through it every day on my way to and from work.

When I was biking today, I noticed the name of the farm road that I bike down, not sure how I never noticed it before.  It’s called “Cow Lane”.

And who are the only residents of cow lane?

There’s also the Rideau Canal in Ottawa, a man-made canal, and the famous longest skating rink in the winter months.  It is beautiful in all seasons though, and has some great bike paths along each side.

Anyway… I just thought I’d share those with you.  And I apologize for the peccadillo of leaving the timestamp in the pictures, it wasn’t my camera and I didn’t realize they were being saved like that!

I’ll have a real WoW post tomorrow… I promise!

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5 comments to “Why I Love Ottawa”

  1. Holy cow, that’s beautiful countryside. Did you take those yourself? They’re marvelous photographs!

    Now my photography skills seem inadequate, too. :(

    /blueberry tears

  2. The canal is (or at least was for me) fun to row on in the fall months.

    I needs to move out of Toronto.

  3. Rilgon:

    Beautiful countryside right in the middle of the city :)

    Yeah, I took them, although I wish I would have realized that the timestamps had been turned on, those are annoying.


    Toronto sucks.

  4. [...] The cows aren’t out in April! [...]

  5. I spent 6 weeks in Ottawa last summer (2008), stayed at the Westin downtown and rented a bike (Giant OCR) from Rent-a-Bike (because Via wouldn’t allow me to bring mine from Toronto, how crazy is that?) right across the road on the canal. Biked up the canal to the first lock and back everyday and then toured through the city paths and over to Gatineau Park on the weekends. Some of the most enjoyable riding I’ve done. Never appreciated the city until I saw it by bicycle.