WTB Moar Health

September 3rd, 2008

Alright, so I have a dilemma.  When I gear, I tend to gear focusing only on my AP/Agi/Hit/Crit… and I sort of let my health and mana numbers follow along.  But now I’ve got a problem.  My health is a measely 7704… not nearly where it should be in the late T5 raiding scene!

So this needs to be fixed.  In my race to do the highest damage I could, my peccadillo was sacrificing my survivability.

I heard that in the Naj’entus fight, everyone should have a minimum of 8500 health.  Which means I need to pull about 800 health out of my rear end before we get there…

Any advice? I suppose PvP gear might help, eh?  I don’t really have any, and I have never been able to get an arena team together for some points.  Which gear pieces should I sacrifice for the extra health?

If anyone would be generous enough to check out my Armoury page and make some recommendations… I’d be very grateful!

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7 comments to “WTB Moar Health”

  1. I’m not an avid min-maxer, but I suppose you could change your weapon to the PvP axe, which has quite a bit of stamina.

    In addition, if you aren’t very attached to the +5% to FD, you could change both the helm and the leggings for the PvP equivalent (the +hit you miss from the legs you can have back through the axe).

    Again, I’m no pro, but I think you might suffer quite a bit with 7500 health in arena, so I would suggest battlegrounds instead.

    Hope this helps

  2. You do forget that there’s buffs to be had, too. :)

    Like, I only have about 7700 health when I’m unbuffed, but in a raid setting, I’m at like 9300 or something.

  3. Thanks for the tips paedolos. I’ve always wanted to get the arena axe, but I haven’t been able to get a team together long enough to build up the points.

    On your advice, I picked up the PvP head piece today… I happened to have more than enough honor and only needed 3 more tokens to get it. It’s already bumped my health over 8000. I’ll work on the legs next, I need 18 more WSG tokens, so that might be a while… man I hate that place! :)

    You’re right about the buffs Rilgon, but it’s still low either way, and something I’d like to bring up!

  4. Hehe, well, I find that, unless it’s a fight that absolutely demands survivability at all costs (I AM LOOKING SQUARELY AT YOU, PRINCESS HUHURAN), once I’m at the “safe” level of HP, any more is redundant.

    Then again, I tend to be unobservant and make silly peccadillos such as not noticing that I’m merrily pew-pewing at Al’ar WHILE STANDING IN A FLAME PATCH.

  5. Yeah, I have a habit of doing that too. The thing is, there are quite a few fights that require survivability, ones that you ARE going to take damage no matter what, and I have a habit of dying in those fights :) Most people in the raid have >10k HP when buffed, and I’m certainly not up there!

  6. I second the notion that you really need Arena gear. Fact, the S3 legs are just as good as the T6 quality badge legs. Fact, the S3 axe is really good up until Black Temple. Fact, for many BT bosses you need health minimums. For council you need 10k-11k. This is doable with BT gear and 2-3 pieces of arena gear. I have the axe (which i replaced), the S3 legs, and S3 head. The S2 chest won’t be replaced until ZA or hMgT. Point being there is alot of PVP gear that is best in class for hunters for quite a while.

  7. The simple fact is: I doubt I will ever get any arena gear. I just don’t enjoy doing arenas, and I can’t get a solid group together for the life of me. So while all these really nice S3 things may be out there, they’re just as accessible to me as Sunwell gear. Probably not going to happen. :)