This Week in Raiding… Brajana gets a roommate!

August 30th, 2008

So, I was pretty much absent for the raids this week.  My brother’s come to live with me, and I had a deadline at work and a deadline at school both on Friday.  So, I was a little busy and only got to raid on Thursday.  Unemployed spent the week swimmin’ with the fishes, it was almost an exclusive SSC week!

Tuesday night, there were server issues for our entire battlegroup – Emberstorm went down and took Unemployed’s raid efforts with her!  The guild still managed to get Lurker down, but on the way to Leo, the server decided that one boss was more than enough for a Tuesday.  But not all was lost – Tigerfeet established the origin of the term “e-man” by taking a rogue and having a quick visit with Lady Vashj, just as the server was going bottom-up.

Wednesday, more SSC.  More server issues.  Still, Leo went down and there were a few attempts made on Karathress… but the pugnacious server was just would not hear of it.

I was there on Thursday, and the server issues seemed to be completely cleared up, finally!  We got Karathress down on our second attempt, even though we had switched around all the tanking, healing and even misdirect assignments that we had done last week!  Once you get the hang of this fight, it’s really not so bad.  I’d much rather do Karathress than High King Maulgar, any day of the week!

Once we got Karathress down – we had two options.  Take a peek at Lady Vashj, or head back to Mount Hyjal to make some serious attempts on Rage Winterchill.  We went with the latter, since we had plenty of extra time to get a couple good attempts in.

Over we went, and we breezed through the waves!  Much faster than our attempts last week, even though we had some people who had never been there before.  Last time, we didn’t get all the waves down – but this time, we made it all the way to Rage!  Not only that, but we got him to 51% on our first attempt!  VERY exciting.  And our second and last attempt?  under 40%!  Unfortunately, the Ice Block spell was taking its toll, the healers and the players getting caught just aren’t quick enough yet.  Even me, I died both times I got Iced.

And what did I learn?  I need more HP.  Unbuffed, I’m sitting under 8000HP.  It’s just not acceptable, I’ve been focusing too much on my DPS and not enough on my health.  Maybe I should regem or reenchant some items?  Any advice would be peachy!

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