Brajana’s Interface and Addons

August 20th, 2008

Alright, it’s time to go into detail about how my UI is set up.  It’s not perfect, and I’m not completely happy with my unit frames mod… but it works for me for right now.  It’s taken me years from when I first downloaded Cosmos to get my UI to the state it is in now, which is pretty much how I like it, despite it’s quiddities.

I haven’t yet perfected the look of Ferguson’s UI, in fact, I spent a good amount of time between pulls in my last Karazhan run trying to get it set up how I like it.  I have decided I like to have my raid/party frames right in the middle of my screen, because otherwise I tend to not pay attention to what’s going on, just watching health bars, or the other way around.

First of all, I must recommend WoWMatrix.  This program will manage your addons for you, giving you a very easy way to install and uninstall addons, and most importantly, it will auto-update them all for you!  Just run it before you run WoW to make sure all your addons are always up to date!

WoWMatrix says I have 123 mods.  But that’s including all the modules and stuff… so here is the list, trimmed down to the major components.

Ace2AddOn development framework. I find that the Ace2 mods work smoothly together, I have switch a number of my addons to Ace2 versions of them.

AceProfitMakes it easy to sell junk items to vendors. Necessary.  Goodbye grey items!

AtlasInstance Map Browser. I don’t use it all that much anymore, but it’s handy for instances you don’t know.

AtlasLootShows the possible loot from the bosses. I love Atlas Loot, you can find almost any item in there from crafted ones, to drops to rep items!

Auc-AdvancedAuctioneerAdvanced, An addon to help keep track of items values. I’m not that great at playing the auction house, but still, no one should be without this.  I only keep the whole thing enabled on my bank character, but it’s handy for figuring out which items to toss or sell.

BagnonSingle window displays for the inventory and bank. I like how Bagnon works, my favourite feature is probably the search functionality, and being able to see what my other characters are carrying without switching over.

Bartender3 - Simple and Advanced combined. My action bar addon.  i’ve used a number of different ones, this one seems to do what I need right now.

BigWigsModular, lightweight, non-intrusive approach to boss encounter warnings. Required for raiding!

ChatMOD - General Purpose full featured Chat Enhancement Collection. Adds nice little features like moving my chatbox to the top of the chat window and highlighting names in class-colours and keeping a history of what you’ve typed.

CooldownTimers2Shows Status Bars that you can drag around and group up for your cooldowns. In the screenshot, this is the one on the left right above my action bars.  It’s handy for keeping track of how long til I can retrap or use my trinkets!  It pops up a message to inform me when cooldowns are finished as well!

CritlineSaves your high normal and critical damage records and flashes a message if you break the record. Can anyone say e-peen?

DecursiveAffliction display and cleaning for solo, group and raids with advanced filtering and priority system. I like having this on my priest, it really does help out for dispelling stuff.

DoubleWideMake QuestLog a DoubleWide! Ahhh, so much easier to read.  It puts the list of quests and the quest text window side-by-side, so neither is squished.

EquipCompareCompare items easily with ones you have equipped.

FuBar - A panel that modules can plug into. Used to use Titan, but I switched to FuBar.  These are the modules I have:

  • FuBar_ClockFu
  • FuBar_CritlineDmg
  • Fubar_CritlineHeal
  • Fubar_CritlinePet
  • FuBar_DurabilityFu – Keeps track of durability and pops up a dialog to repair when you go to a vendor who can.
  • FuBar_ExperienceFu
  • FuBar_FactionsFu
  • FuBar_LocationFu
  • FuBar_MoneyFu – Keeps track of current money and all your characters on one realm.
  • FuBar_PerformanceFu
  • FuBar_XPerlFu

GathererDisplays stuff you gather in your minimap and world map. Also lets you get nodes from other players.

IHMLSwitch macro depending on zones or BigWigs boss modules. “I Have Macro LOL” is what it stands for, if you were wondering.  As long as you have BigWigs installed, this will change to the appropriate macro depending on which boss you are fighting, like “/target Demon Chains”.  Also works for doing dailies and stuff!

KHunterTimersTimes hunter buffs/debuffs. This is the one above my action bars on the right.  Keeps track of things like how long my trap is going to last, how long Ferocious Inspiriation is lasting for, whether my pet has Frenzy up or whatnot.  It’s not a necessity but I find it helpful.

LittleWigsBoss warnings for 5-man instances.

Ogri’LazySo easy a Dwarf could use it! Put away that pencil and paper and get this mod!  It does the same thing.  It doesn’t auto-track which colours are pinged, but you click on them to make a list.  It does help a lot.

OmenA lightweight, flexible, multi-target threat meter. Handy for avoiding “OMGWTFFD!!” situations.

oRA2 - A CT_RaidAssist alternative. Assign maintanks and do raid checks and stuff.

QuartzModular casting bar. Shiny casting bar that has a swing cast bar and a global cool down indicator.

QuestLevel - Shows the quest’s level. Pretty simple.

RatingBuster - Item stat breakdown, analysis and comparation. Very handy, although sometimes I find myself relying on it too much.  It’s good for a quick comparison, but make sure you really look at the stats if you are deciding on whether you should need or greed!

RecountRecords Damage and Healing for Graph Based Display. <3

XPerlReplaces the normal unit, party, target, pet frames and adds target-of-target. My current unit frames.  I’m not 100% happy with them, but they do what I need for now, so that’s what I’m using.  Maybe I’ll try out something else when I get a chance, if anyone has any recommendations, they are more than welcome!

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