This week in raiding… Frost traps FTL!

August 16th, 2008

Kara on Monday.  I was really hoping to go give it a try on Ferguson, see if I’m up to the task – I have almost 1300 +healz, which as far as I know means I am geared for it, but it was not to be :(   I got rostered on my Hunter instead, even though I don’t really need any badges or gear from Kara.  Oh well, maybe next time.  It’s not very often that I’m available for a Kara night, but hopefully I’ll be able to give Ferguson a chance soon!  At least I got to be raid leader, which made it a bit more fun.

Things went pretty smoothly in Kara, but we were going a little slower than usual, not sure why.  Only had one wipe on Nightbane, but still by the time we got to Chess, we were already 45 minutes past normal raid time.  I was so tired, but people be needin’ their badges, so there was no rest for me… it would be rude of the raid leader to just up and leave.  Luckily we managed to find a replacement for Tigerfeet for Prince, so at least someone got to bed on time!  I got pretty scared when we got to Prince and one person had never seen the boss before and another had never played the role they were doing… I was not looking to have a wipe, I wanted to go to bed!  Luckily we got him down pretty smoothly on our second attempt, with probably THE best infernal placements I have ever seen!

Tuesday was SSC… had a few new people there, which always makes things interesting… we had a few people that got to learn first hand what the spout looks like!  Leo took us three tries, since we were having problems with people remembering to stop DPS during phase switches, and also a few people having problems getting their demons down.  But the third attempt made up for the trouble of the first two – it was going much more smoothly, but our DPS was still a little slow… at 2 or 3%, Leo hits his enrage timer – but we still manage to get him down.  He took out almost the entire raid in the few seconds that he was enraged, but we didn’t wipe!  It was quite a sight to see!

Wednesday was my birthday!  So I was not available to raid.  And from what I hear, it was probably a gift in itself that I wasn’t there to see it!  It was Gruul/Mag, which usually means we don’t have an ideal or adequate composition signed up.  From what I’ve heard, there was lots of wipes.  Never pretty.  No DST, either!

Thursday… Tempest Keep.  Probably one of the worst runs we’ve had in a long time!  I was a little late getting there, because I went out and bought myself a birthday present, but I made it back before pull time.  There were still a bunch of people missing at that point, and we didn’t even make the first pull until about 20 minutes in to raid time.  We were missing a tank and a CC or two, so the other hunter and I had to try to do some trapping.  Well, first pull… we BOTH used Frost traps instead of Freezing traps.  Whoops! And after that, it was resist, after break, after resist, etc… There were mobs running this way and that, making our raid look like a real hugger-mugger!  Trapping in 25-mans is a lot harder than trapping in 5-mans.  A lot.

We took way too long on trash, and we kept having to bring new people in and switch other people out… in the end, we had 2 and a half hours of raid time, and only managed to get Void Reaver down.  Yuck.  Not a pretty evening at all!

Friday was Kara again!  But this time… Fergy got to heal!  Oh man, I was soo nervous!  I have only healed 5-mans, and only 1 heroic (although it WAS Shattered Halls…) but I had no idea how to heal a 10-man.  Luckily we had a great group of people!  Tigerfeet and Houda, my FAVOURITE tanks were there and I asked the other holy priest to keep an eye out and give me any pointers she could.  Tigerfeet and I, along with a few other people in the group I think, were still learning the encounters (from the roles we were in, at least), and we made Tiger run the show so she could shine as a leader!  We only got to Curator, but I think it was a great experience.  Unfortunately, the only drop that I got was an offspec pair of gloves… but badges are always tasty.  I had a lot of fun, and I am pretty happy with the healing I did – I don’t think anyone died because of me, which is more than I can say for my Hunter this week in raiding!

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4 comments to “This week in raiding… Frost traps FTL!”

  1. Hehe, I remember back in Vanilla when my little Priestess hit 60 and I was offered a healer spot in our alt runs of Molten Core.

    You have no idea how intense it is healing during Ragnaros during your first raid night as a Priest. Scary~

  2. Happy belated birthday!

  3. For 25-man raiding, traps are viable put much tricker. For one, they’re typically higher than level 70, which means that they have increased resistances. So you can expect a lot of traps to break early or resist.

    What worked well in my raid was to chain trap with multiple hunters. The three hunters would each lay down a trap in succession, often without prompting. So while I’d get the first trap (seniority, suicidal tendencies, who knows?), my fellow huntresses would place two behind me. This way, even if it resisted or broke we’d have other traps up.

  4. [...] on the way as he taunted me with his chest piece, shoulders and ring that I so desperately need.  Last time we took a visit to Leo, it was kind of messy.  I was hoping we wouldn’t encounter the same [...]