WoW Word of the Week!

July 27th, 2008

So now that I’ve started blogging, I’ve realized that my vocabulary is severely lacking.  I have always managed to get my point across using just the words that are short enough to remember how to spell.  And with a career as a software developer, the shorter the word – the better! Unfortunately, that’s just not the way of the blogging world.

And now, I’ve come up with an idea to teach me some big words, while still keeping anyone reading entertained.  It’s called…

WoW Word of the Week!


So the idea is, every Sunday I will post a word that I don’t know (generally chosen by me because I think it sounds funny or it has a Z in it or something) and I will attempt to use it in a WoW related sentence.  But anyone who knows me, knows that is just not enough to get me to remember it – so my goal is to use this word ONCE in every post for the coming week!

This is where you come in.  Your goal is to give me more examples.  When I post the word, please try to make your own WoW related sentence, see if you can help me get the idea! Your second job, and the one that will probably take the most work:  Make sure I remember to use this word every post!  If you catch me not using the WWotW, well, you win a prize.

This week’s word is:


AIR-sahts; UR-sats, adjective:
Being a substitute or imitation, usually an inferior one.

Example:  “For the Alliance!” is such an ersatz battle cry.

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One comment to “WoW Word of the Week!”

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