Enter Ferguson.

July 17th, 2008

Undead.  Lost.  Forsaken by the Light.

Ferguson lived a life of peace.  He was a Priest of the Holy Light, he had a family, his faith was strong and his motivation to help others was even stronger.

And then, the Plague came, and it spread quickly.  Ferguson learned what the plague was doing to the infected, and he and his family fled the land they called home, in search of safety.  However, before they arrived, Ferguson began showing symptoms… he was infected, and it was only a matter of time before he became undead.  In a last desperate move, he sent his family away, hoping it had not spread to them, and that they could find safety, while he was left to rot.

Much time was lost to Ferguson.  He awoke to find himself somewhere strange, not remembering anything since the time he left his family, with no concept of time passed.  He found his jaw had been removed, or rotted off, and had to learn other means of communication.  He learned of others around him with similar stories, and they banded together, determined to return to their homes and get revenge for what had been done to them and their families.  They found a leader in Sylvanas Windrunner, and forged a home in the underbelly of their old capital, Lordaeron.

The Light had forsaken them, they could no longer call upon its power, Ferguson quickly found.  And so he followed a new order, the Cult of the Forgotten Shadow, he and his brethren were forced to wield the power of the Shadow against their greatest enemy, the Scourge.

Ferguson, powered by his anger for his lost life and loved ones, fought viciously against the Scourge.  However, as he battled in the land beyond the Dark Portal, memories of his past began to influence his decisions.  He was tired of fighting, he wanted to return to his life of peace, he wanted to help.  He left the Cult of the Shadow, and worked to find a way to call upon the Light, although it was tainted, to help his companions in battle.

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