Enter Brajana.

July 17th, 2008

From meager beginnings in Sen’jin Village, a great huntress arose to fulfill her role as a defender of the Horde.  From her first visit to Ogrimmar, and her first encounter with the great Warchief Thrall, Brajana knew her destiny was to uphold the might and honor of the land she had come to call home.  She felt that it was up to her to help give the Darkspear Trolls a new name and help build upon the alliances built with the Orcs and Tauren that had saved them from their conflict, and offered to share their land to give a home to the exiled Darkspears.

As she worked toward her goal of being recognized by the Horde as a true asset, especially by Thrall, whose opinion she valued above all, Brajana met many new people, and learned to appreciate that some members of the Forsaken really could be trusted.  She was aided by one particular member of the Forsaken as she battled her way through Stranglethorn Vale, her family’s former home and the land of her most hated enemies.

In her many conflicts with the crude Alliance, Brajana fought diligently to show her pride for the Horde, and demonstrate her prowess as a hunter.  Alongside her, Fiddlesticks, the white pride lord who she had formed a particular bond with while journeying through the Barrens, destroyed many foes.

When the battle of the Horde turned a focus on the forces of Outland, Brajana rushed to the Dark Portal to do what she could, where ever she could.  In this new land, Brajana made a new ally, Willy, a Warp Stalker.  His swift movements and brilliant white colour made him quite notable, and his power could not be contested.

However, Brajana realized that although she had Willy and Fiddlesticks, she could not make a true difference in the Horde without a greater number of allies to work with.  She quickly found a ragged cuddly and friendly group of fighters aiming for the same goal as she was: The Unemployed.  She quickly made her home with them, and that is where she, Willy and Fiddlesticks help to make their contribution to the Horde, hoping to someday gain the attention of the Warchief, Thrall.

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